The P/a, P/b and P/c decoration styles

P/a decor family: characterised by the use of multicoloured linear hatching. Flowers and leaves are not worked out in much detail. Decors frequently depict birds and/or butterflies against a background inspired by flora but with fairly large hatched areas that have no clear representation.

P/b: a family of very diverse and detailed floral flower decors from very true to nature to almost purely geometrical. The majority has curved hatching as the main in-fill patron. Fauna is less common, some vases have birds against a typical P/b décor, and there are some P/b coded wall plates with a décor of birds on against a non-typical floral background with in-fills in different styles. Most of the latter have no curved hatchings but might have been grouped by PZH under the P/b group as they use the same colours and level of skill. One known P/b coded object has a décor with fish.

Some a-typical P/b decors: birds and fish with curved hatching, birds without curved hatching, 

P/c: Floral decors that depict fruit and nuts instead of flowers. They all have the contour patron hatching in sea green but some have small amounts of curved hatching as well. Execution of the leaves tends to be simpler as on P/b decors. The known examples do not have any fauna as part of the décor. Below are examples in different decors, 4 similar designs with round fruits, two with a décor of bunches of red currants, one with cucumber vine fruits, one with a bunch of blue grapes and one with red cherries.

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