Unlike the Artists, Decors, and Models pages, it is more complex to make the whole Objects database (to date over 2300 objects) accessible to the visitors. The record has many more fields that can be searched, not a singular field like artist name or model number. And many of the classifications are custom-defined.

As an experiment, the team has built two views that allow the site users to enter selection criteria and peruse the outcome. The first view shows a gallery of objects that fit the criteria. Click on any image to bring you to the objects detail page in a new browser window. The second view shows more detailed information about the selected objects, with the option to show the images in a lightbox and links to more details about the object, artist, decor, and model.

The second group of views has been set up to test ideas and support ongoing research projects. As the site is also used for collaboration on PZH research some have been made accessible here.

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