This model database attempts to build up an overview of all models produced by PZH from the start in 1897 (with model 1) to a few years after 1909. The first known surviving catalogue is the one for the Dutch market for 1909. The model range in this catalogue is used as a reference, earlier models that were not included in this catalogue anymore have been added as far as we have found them. PZH has from the start of production cast, inscribed or stamped the model number in the greenware before the first firing.  The numbers per model series appear to have mostly been issued in sequence. For some of the series it is not always clear which numbers were issued after 1908.

Below you can search the database for model numbers as they appear on objects. Mind that some low numbers have been used for multiple models, e.g. you have a vase, a coaster, a plate and a tile with model number 1. You can also search the database by object size here and by classification of models here.

For PZH catalogues from the period 1909 to 1927 see here.

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