Oval wall plate size 3 WS

Size: 24.5 cm. high

Model class:XE

Dating: c. 1899-1901

Origin:XBought in from Wächtersbacher Steingutwerke


Not in 1909 catalogue
Example object # 2190

   Artist: No photo of markings available    Detail  

   Dating: Q3 1899 - 1902

   Size:X24.7Xcm. wide


   Object: 7064   Detail

   Artist: NS: No name known as yet    Detail  

   Dating: 1899- c.1900

   Size:Xn/aXcm. wide


   Object: 7144   Detail

   Artist: Maaren, Wilhelmina van    Detail  

   Dating: c.1901 - c.1904

   Size:X24.5Xcm. high


   Object: 8808   Detail

   Artist: Kool, Johannes    Detail  

   Dating: Q3 1899 - Aug 1904

   Size:X21Xcm. diam


   Object: 3324   Detail

   Artist: Delchambre, Frederika    Detail  

   Dating: c.1901 - c.1907

   Size:X25Xcm. wide


   Object: 5045   Detail

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