Development of wall plates 1897-1907

With more early PZH objects in the database, a new insight is developing that the year letter theory might not hold for objects now dated after 1900. One idea to support this is to look at the development of decors on wallplates. We now know PZH had at least four sizes of likely in-house produced wall plates before they started to buy wall plates from the Waechteresbacher Steingutwerken in Germany between 1899-1901. Afterward, they used their own produced wallplates in the same size range. 

Below we present four chronological groups of wall plates:

  • Wall plates on models 25, 30, 35, and 40, most likely in use in 1897-1899. Sorted by letter code marked on plates
  • Wall plates from the Waechtersbacher Steingutwerken, sorted by the production year stamped on the back of the plate. We included both the later developments of the above decors and early Gouda decors, as they are not easy to classify.
  • Own production wall plates between c. 1902 and 1906, with Gouda decors. 
  • Own production wall plates from c. 1907 in Gouda decors
  • Own production wall plates from between 1908 and c. 1914 in Gouda decors
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