Decor families in 1909 catalogue

From the start PZH issued catalogues once or twice a year to present their offerings to their customers and agents around the world.  The first catalogue that we know is the one for 1909. We used this as reference list for the Model database but we can also use it to list the decors/decor families in production end 1908/early 1909. It shows the considerable development in taste/fashion and variety of product range in just ten years after the start of PZH. We have tried to match the images of decors from the catalogue  with objects from around the time the catalogue was issued. 

The surviving 1909 catalogue still has it’s price list, so we can get an idea about the relative ex-factory prices for the different ranges:

Decor 183, the first marine decor on the market in early 1900 had over the years become the simplest decor in the range. The next group contains the very popular Gouda decor and 4 other mainly marine decors, together with decor 183 now all called Landscapes. In level 3 we find the NP and Delft Blue decors, together with decor Orientale, 373 and 412. In later years decor 412 became a designator for all Paysages.  Level 4 holds the P decor range and decor 367. The three types of Paysages (described in the catalogue as ‘after old and modern masters, artistic execution’) and decor 304 ( artistic flower and bird decors, painted after nature  exclusively by artists) are all priced at well over double the most basic decor.   

Decor 183

 Based on the low decor number and the examples of this decor with green solid bands from the early 1900s it is very likely this is the first ‘Marine’ decor that was launched and as such mentioned in the inventory of end 1904.  In the 1909 catalogue it is described as ‘Landscape decor with green bands’ 

Gouda decors

This range became hugely succesful and appears to have outsold the P decor range. The most common decor is asymmetrical (top left) but symmetrical (top right) continues as a left over from the earliest conventional symmetrical decors. Other decor styles are on a white background, a distintictive overwhelming green decor and vases with portrait or marine landscape cartouches.

Decor 346

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New Porcelain decors

It appears the decor numbers for NP decors in the 1909 catalogue were a printing error or numbers were changed soon after. The examples of Decor P/333 we found all bear decor number 346. Decor P/334 is found with decor number 331. Decor P/340 in the catalogue appear with decor number 347. They are all coded with P/, while they are clearly NP decors, and no example decors are included coded NP.


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Decor 373

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Decor 412

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Porcelain decors

Numbered 347 in the catalogue but examples have decor number 340!

Decor 367

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Decor 304

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