Porcelain decors at PZH

The collection started with Porcelain decors and this group still forms the majority of the objects. The launch in the market was probably in 1901 after Egbert Estié had decided to compete with the successful Rozenburg eggshell porcelain launched at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. This period is characterized by a huge diversity in decors, but some appear to have been produced for only a short time. While Egbert Estié was forced to leave PZH in 1905 no major changes to the ways of working appear to have been made until circa 1906 when Willy Hoyng came to PZH where he became general manager. We see some existing P decors continue while some other new decors were introduced. But they became less important after the introduction of the so-called New Porcelain or NP range in c.1908. While P and NP decors were produced after 1918 ( the last recorded piece is from 1929) the range became less important for PZH and the quality seldom reached the quality level of the year before 1905. Five virtual display cases show examples of the development and demise of this important PZH decor range over an almost thirty-year period. 

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