NP decors

As we saw under the Gouda decors the new management of PZH under the Hoyng family also meant major changes for the Porcelain decors. As with the Rozenburg eggshell porcelain range they were inspired by, the demand must have dropped around 1904 as a number of the major artist left PZH. In March 1907 important master painter and designer of decors Willen Hartgring left Rozenburg. It is not clear when he started at PZH but considering his re-designed P decor range and his super-premium decor 304 were in the catalogue for 1909 it must have been at the latest in early 1908. The New Porcelain (or NP) range was a simplified version of the P decor that was less complex and labour-intensive so could be produced at lower costs. It probably also appealed to the public as a more “modern” decor. The two ranges existed side by side for some years, but while P decor range was in production until circa 1919 the last known NP object ( the clock in the bottom view) dates from 1929.  

For all NP decor objects in the database click here.

In the collection, we have tried to split the NP decors in the earliest decors (in the top view) and in later decors (in the bottom view), but this is a work in progress.  

The latest NP decor object in the collection is this clock model 656 dated  1926.

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