Gouda decors from end 1899 to c.1907

From the fairly limited variety in decors in 1898/1899 the Gouda decor developed in width and depth in the next period. For now, we can only show the Gouda decors from the third quarter of 1899 (when the branding changes to ‘Made in Zuid-Holland’) to circa 1907 when the model and decor numbers appear next to the branding. At the same time, the Gouda decors become far more standardized and they will remain so in the next decade. The variety of decors before 1907 is impressive but objects are difficult to date. Eventually, the hope is to reconstruct this development tree over time. Some styles stand out as a group: decors on a white base, decors in mainly green and decors with a portrait cartouche.

For all Gouda decor objects from the period Q3 1899  to c. 1907 in the database click here.

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