Gouda decors around 1907/1908 

After its inception in 1898/1899 the Gouda decor developed in width and depth, but the change of management at the end of 1905 would have considerable consequences for this decor family. From probably mid-1907 there appears to have been a huge reduction in the number of decors and likely of the freedom artists had to apply them. We think we can date objects from the 1907/1908 period as these have the model and decor number added to the branding ‘Made in Zuid-Holland’. From probably mid-1908 the branding on most objects changes back to ‘Zuid-Holland Gouda’, and in 1918 the objects get year markings. The collection has only a small number of objects produced after mid-1907, so the below links give a better idea of how the decors developed over time.

Click here for all objects with Gouda decor from the 1907/1908 period in the database and here for objects from the period from 1908 to 1917 and here from the period after 1917.

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