Early conventional decors 1897-1899

At the start of the PZH production in late 1897/early 1898, the decors were very much based on/inspired by the decors already in production at Brantjes, Holland-Utrecht, Rozenburg etc.  We see decors executed in watercolour-like paint and in more solid colours, and in symmetrical decors and in asymmetrical decors. 

Based on an analysis of all known early PZH objects with year codes the author has come to the belief that the letter code is unlikely to have been a year code. It is more likely all PZH pieces marked with ‘Zuid-Holland Gouda’ and with a letter code are the products of the first two years of production, from the end of 1897 to likely the third quarter of 1899. See Year letters on early PZH objects

For all early PZH decor objects from the first years in the database click here

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