Artists 1897 to 1917

After starting this collection, it quickly became frustrating that so little was known about the decorators who had created the early PZH objects. The first reported research covering the PZH artists was done by Rob Hageman. After his death in 1986, this research was continued by Dick Bode (reported in 1994 in (1). The latest, extended overview of monograms and biographical information can be found in Ron Tasman’s three-part ‘The Gouda Pottery Book’ from 2007 (2). These sources were the basis for this overview. More research in the civil registries and other sources provided some new insights on working periods and names behind previously anonymous monograms. 

Unlike earlier publications, the full markings are shown where appropriate as they give more reference material to distinguish individual painters and date objects. As it appears that before 1908 other hands (pupils?) would sign in the style of the master painter these are presented separately and grouped based on handwriting. The focus of the website is on the 1897 – 1907 period, information on artists from 1908 – 1917 is not yet much researched and therefore less accurate and detailed. All information is based on the insights and views of the author at the time of writing and will no doubt change over time.

Click on the letters for quick access to artists by family name (remember Dutch names with van, de, van der etc. are alphabetized on the main name, e.g. van der Heidt under the H. Or scroll through the table of monograms and names below.

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       Signed by pupils             Unknown artist before 1908        Unknown artists after 1908          

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