Wolbers van Doornen, Willem
Worked at PZH from early 1899 until c. 1902

Willem Albert Karel van Doornen was born 1883 in The Hague. After a divorce, his mother remarried a Mr Wolbers. Willem worked at Rozenburg from Dec. 1896 until Dec 1898. He left The Hague to work in Bonn (Royal Bonn porcelain factory?) in June 1902. He returns to The Hague from Kampen in January 1903 and moved to Purmerend in August 1904, where he registered as a draftsman. He returned to The Hague in August 1905 and moved to Noordwijk in September 1906 where he worked as a decorator for De Kroon. He is back in The Hague from March 1907 to February 1908. When he married there his profession is listed as plateelschilder. His second period in Noordwijk ends in 1909 when he moved to Amsterdam where he is registered first as a draftsman but later worked as a civil servant. He passed away in Zutphen in 1959. His name was only officially changed from van Doornen to Wolbers van Doornen in 1910, adding the name of his stepfather he had known since age three. But in the Rozenburg records, he was already listed as Wolbers.

A PZH oeuvre with distinct handwriting and a monogram W or WW fits the period for Willem between leaving Rozenburg and his departure for Bonn, but is hard to prove. The fact that the painter of this oeuvre also had local pupils working with him means he must have been a talented and experienced artist

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