Vries, Johannes Cornelis Petrus de
Worked at PZH from Feb 1901 until Jan 1904 and possibly in 1907

Johannes Cornelis Petrus de Vries was born in 1882 in The Hague as the son of a bricklayer. He started as a pupil at the Rozenburg plateelbakkerij in 1898, age 15, around the same time as D G Bordewijk started there. They must have become friends as can be seen from their respective career paths. They left Rozenburg on the same day, 1 Feb 1901, and appear to have both started at that time at PZH, together with C J van Muijen. However, as all continued to live with their respective parents in The Hague they are likely to have commuted. Johannes moved in January 1904 to Utrecht, followed by D Bordewijk 6 months later. It is likely they worked for Holland-Utrecht as the factory was only walking distance from their lodgings. Johannes left Utrecht in December 1905 for Jisp near Purmerend, where he worked for HAGA. In June 1906 Dirk Bordewijk followed him there and signed HAGA pieces from both are known from this period. Johannes de Vries probably moved back to The Hague in March 1907 when he appears to have worked for PZH again. From The Hague, he moved to Noordwijk in Feb. 1908 to work for ‘de Kroon’. In Feb.1909 we find him in Leiden where he worked for Amphora in Oegstgeest before moving back to Utrecht in 1911 and to The Hague in 1919. There he is first listed as a ceramics painter but before 1939 this is changed to tobacconist. He died in The Hague in 1957 at age 74.

This artist was not mentioned before in the literature as having worked at PZH before, but we found a respectable P decor oeuvre with his monogram from 1901-1904. Two objects have come to light that can be dated to 1907 and have a monogram typical for de Vries after 1904. The working hypothesis is that he and Auke Jan Visser worked for PZH for some time after they left Haga, commuting from The Hague.

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