Visser, Auke Jan
Worked at PZH possibly for some time in 1907

Born July 1881 in Akkrum, Friesland. He moved with his family to The Hague where he started at Rozenburg in 1895, age 14 and left in March 1901. TGPB places him then in Purmerend (Brantjes?) with no years given, then as decorator at Haga (c. 1904 – c. 1906). It is likely (waiting confirmation) that he moved back to The Hague when Haga closed in early 1907, as did his old Rozenburg and Haga colleague Johannes de Vries. He appears to have lived in The Hague to at least 1926 when he worked as a bookkeeper.

As some PZH objects from around 1907s with an AV monogram similar to his Haga monogram have been found the working hypothesis is that after Haga closed Auke Jan might have worked for some time for PZH, commuting from The Hague to Gouda. The same is the case for Johannes de Vries. This needs more study.
It is not clear if the AV marked objects after 1907 are by the same hand.

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