Verstraaten, Theodorus
Worked at PZH from July 1901 until April 1908 and from 1926 to 1938

Theodorus Verstraaten was born in 1872 in The Hague as son of a cigarmaker. In 1894 he started at Rozenburg, already aged 22. The Hague registry did not note any profession for Theo, despite the fact that the family moved ten times in this period. In February 1898 he left Rozenburg as a journeyman, his profession in the registry is “designer in a pottery”. In November 1899 he moved to Purmerend where he worked at Brantjes till July 1901 when he moved to Gouda and started at PZH. In September that year, he moved back to The Hague and lived again with his parents. He might have continued to work at PZH, commuting with his ex Rozenburg colleagues Dirk Bordewijk, Johannes de Vries and Cees van Muijen. In June 1903 he moved with his future wife to live with her parents in Utrecht and they married in July that year. He is registered as a ceramics painter in Utrecht until he moved back with his wife to The Hague in September 1903. They lived at the same address in The Hague until they moved to Oegstgeest on 29 April 1908. According to TGPB, he worked the whole period from 1901 to 1908 at PZH, which is confirmed by his work over this period. He then worked at Amphora in Oegstgeest. Theo and his wife moved in May 1909 from Oegstgeest to Leiden, together with Theo Leeuwendaal (an old colleague from Rozenburg and PZH) who lived with them till May 1910. They could have easily commuted to the Amphora factory from Leiden. Theo and his wife moved in April 1911 back to The Hague, where he continued to be registered as a ceramics painter. In June 1912 they moved to Berlin until they returned to Holland in May 1913 when they register in Amsterdam, he again as a ceramics painter. In January 1916 they moved to Rotterdam where he registered as a tobacconist. In July of that year, they moved to The Hague, where he registered again as a tobacconist. After ten years in The Hague, he and his wife moved to Gouda in December 1926, where he is once again registered as plateelschilder until they moved back to The Hague in October 1938. He did not stay there as he died on 8 March 1945 in Wonseradeel (Friesland) age 73.

Not that much work signed by him has come to light from his first period at PZH, possibly because he was also responsible for many decors in those years.

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