Verhaar, Dirk Jacobus Cornelis
Worked at PZH from Oct 1898 until latest April 1902

Born in 1879 in The Hague. He started at Rozenburg in September 1894 and left in April 1898 as a journeyman. On 29 October 1898, he arrived in Gouda and is registered as ‘plateelschilder’, but might have started commuting to Gouda earlier. In August 1900 he moved back to The Hague and is registered as ‘plateelschilder’ until he moved to Nijmegen in April 1902. When he is again registered in The Hague in September 1906 his profession is ‘stained glass glazer’. As ‘Potterij Rembrandt’ in Nijmegen only started in 1908 it is unlikely Dirk worked in Nijmegen as a ceramics decorator. Based on his oeuvre there is no strong indication he worked at PZH after mid-1900. He passed away in The Hague in 1916.

Ninety per cent of the works with the DV monogram after Q3 1899 are marked by pupils. If the output is all by Dirk Verhaar's own hand it is likely he worked at PZH for at least 2 more years, but a wall plate that was pressed in February 1900 is the only later object that can be dated to early 1900.

It is very likely that later work with the DV monogram was by the hand of Dirk Vergeer, who worked at PZH from the earliest 1912 to possibly 1934.

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