Schaick, Johannes Wilhelmus van
Worked at PZH from earliest 1903 to 1913, c.1916 to 1922 and after 1925

Born in Sept 1891 in Gouda, so he could have started at PZH in either 1903 or 1904 depending on when he started and left primary school. TGPB places him at PZH until c.1913, at Ed. Antheunis from c. 1913 to c.1916 and again at PZH from c.1916 to 1922. He left again to return from 1925 until the mass lay-off in 1932. He was rehired when PZH started hiring again and worked there until 1951, with a break in 1948. The Dutch Artists Lexicon (Scheen) mentions that he was a pupil of D Harkink and L S M van der Noordaa and that he was an all-round artist also working in oil, pastel and tile tableaux.

If the assumptions for the dating of his work are correct he started before 1907 with Gouda decors and simple Marine decors. From 1908 we see more elaborate Landscape decors (decor 412). We also find his handwriting on the markings under Paysages (the costliest decor in the PZH range from 1908) but with the monograms of other artists. The C and M monograms are of unknown artists, but the N monogram is likely from Willem Nales, an accomplished Paysage artist active from 1907 to 1912. It is most likely Johannes worked as a pupil under these artists and was tasked to finish and mark some of their work. After he resumes his career at PZH in 1916 we find his own monogram on high-quality Paijsage vases.

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