Stam , Johannes Theodorus
Worked at PZH from earliest May 1898 until c. 1902

Born in 1879 in The Hague. He started in Apr. 1894 at Rozenburg and must have been talented as he was already promoted from trainee to journeyman in 1895. He left Rozenburg at the end of April 1898 and might have started directly at PZH and commuted. He did move to Gouda in Jan. 1899 but moved quickly back to The Hague in May 1899, but not re-joined Rozenburg. According to Tasman he worked until at least 1910 for PZH. From 1913 his profession in The Hague registry is listed as house-painter.

Based on the work with the JS monogram after 1899 it appears he did work again for short periods for PZH, in the 1900 - 1904 period and after 1908 for the decor Nationaal pieces.

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