Straaten, Cornelis van
Worked at PZH from Jan. 1898 until June 1899 and around 1907?

Born in 1880 in Meerkerk near Utrecht, the family moved to Utrecht after 1888. Cornelis probably started in one of the Utrecht pottery factories before he was hired by E Estié and was registered in Gouda as plateelschilder in January 1898. He moved back to Utrecht in June 1899 but apart from a one month stay in Amsterdam in 1901 he remained registered in Utrecht as plateelschilder until at least 1908. It is unclear if he continued to work at PZH after 1899. An oeuvre of work with a vS monogram that can be dated to 1898 and the first half of 1899 fits very well with his stay in Gouda. A later oeuvre of high-quality early P decor objects with a CS monogram could be from his hand but there is little to link the two based on handwriting. For now, the author considers CS a separate, still anonymous painter.

Two objects after mid-1899 and one from c. 1907 have the vS monogram but the handwriting appears quite different. It is possible that Cornelis did commute to Gouda after June 1899 and that these works are by pupils. It is also not impossible that Cornelis came back to work for PZH in c. 1907, but unfortunately, we do not know enough objects to have more certainty.

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