Schoonhoven , Jacob
Worked at PZH from Oct 1900 until Nov 1902

Jacob Schoonhoven was born in Delft in 1882 as a son of a shoemaker. He started as a ceramics painter at the Porceleyne Fles (1895-1898) and then worked for Rozenburg (1898 to 1900), where he quickly was promoted to journeyman. He moved to Gouda on 5 Oct 1900 where he was registered as a ceramics painter. He moved back to The Hague on 28 Nov 1901 but he came back to Gouda on 7 Feb 1902 and left once more on 18 November 1902 for Delft.

There is no monogram for Jacob Schoonhoven at PZH in the literature. But a JS monogram is found on multiple PZH pieces with high-quality Delft and Porcelain decors that do fit the skills and working period of Jacob Schoonhoven.

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