Sanderus, Frederika Wilhelmina C.
Worked at PZH from 1898 until after 1923

Frederika Wilhelmina Cornelia (Francien) Sanderus was born in Rotterdam in 1868 as the daughter of an office worker. Her mother died in 1894 and her father in 1896. Francien and her older sister Sophia appear to have moved to lodgings from where Sophia married a young widower in 1898. We know very little about Francien’s early years until she moved to Gouda in October 1900 and registered there as a ceramics painter. As PZH celebrated her 25-year jubilee in 1923 she must have started at PZH in 1898 and commuted for the first 2 years. She does not appear in the records of the nearest ceramics factory which was in Delft. In Gouda, she lived in several lodgings until 1915 when she was able to rent her own place. In 1917 her 15-year-old niece moved in with her for 2 ½ years and when the niece returned to live with her parents in Rotterdam she registered as “factory worker/drafts(wo)man”. So can we assume aunt Francien had taken her under her wings at PZH?

In interviews with ex PZH employees from 1982, she is mentioned as one of the most all-around painters at PZH in the second decade of the 20th century. But contra to popular belief they mentioned she was not the head of the ladies painters department, at least not after 1919, when she started working at the drawing department that prepared the colour cards for each design. At some point after 1920 her profession is crossed out in the Gouda records. Tasman puts the end of her employment at PZH in 1923, when she would have been 55, She died in 1947 in Gouda. Tasman gives a gap in her employment at PZH from 1913-1919, for which the author could not find any confirmation, nor in municipal records, nor in her large output in those years. Francien was a prolific decorator of late P, NP and decor 304 objects under the FS monogram. A lot of work was done in the same hand but signed OO were probably done in the evenings and weekends at home. Curiously there appears to be no FS or OO signed work from before 1908. The author believes that in those years she signed her work as RS, possibly for Riek or Rika Sanderus, a popular abbreviation of Frederika. No work is known to this author done after 1918, as it appears that she then worked in the drawing-room where designs were prepared for the painters.

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