Raap, Dirk Jan
Worked at PZH from Feb 1898 until possibly Feb. 1903

Born in Beemster (near Purmerend) in 1876 as the son of a house painter. No profession is noted for him until he moved to Gouda on 11 Feb. 1898 and is registered as ‘plateelschilder’, but his monogram has been found on Brantjes objects so he could have worked there since early 1895. In Gouda, he was still registered as ‘plateelschilder’ when he moved to new lodgings in Nov. 1901 and was mentioned as "plateelschilder" in the yearly city directory. When he moved back to Purmerend from Gouda in Feb 1903 he was registered there as ‘2nd clerk of the National Insurance Bank.

His monogram is only found on his early oeuvre at PZH before 1900. However, the developing theory that pupils did mark the majority of objects for master painters with the master's monogram in the period 1900-1904 might explain why we do not find work signed by Raap himself. For now, we add the works with the monogram R from the period 1900-1902 to his oeuvre.

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