Quint , Adrianus Willem
Worked at PZH from earliest 1899 until 1911, possibly 1913-1915

Adrianus Willem Quint (AQ) was born in 1887 in Stolwijk and moved with his father (a shoemaker), mother and an older sister from The Hague to Gouda in 1896. He may have started at PZH as early as 1899 when he enrolled in the Evening School for Craftsmen. In 1905 he was registered as a ceramics painter in Gouda and worked as such till he moved to Utrecht in July 1911 where he worked (according to TGPB) at St Lukas. He moved at some point to The Hague but in September 1913 he moved back to Gouda where he may have re-joined PZH. TGPB has him working at Ivora c1915 (when they started with plateel production). In November 1916 he moved to Velsen, but probably not as a ceramics painter as the Kennemerland pottery only started in 1920. On 15 August 1917, he married in The Hague a girl from Gouda, whose twins (born out of wedlock in January 1916 in Alphen a/d Rijn) he recognised. At that time he lived in Schoten near Haarlem and worked as a bookkeeper. In August 1920 the family moved to The Hague where he continued to live until at least 1935 and was registered as a bookkeeper.

Based on his oeuvre we can place him at PZH c. 1900 until a few years after 1908, but not yet with any certainty between 1913 and 1916.

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