Pieëte, Johannes
Worked possibly at PZH sometime between 1905 and 1907, not confirmed

Born in 1891, arrived in 1905 with his father Johannes (born Maastricht 1859 worked in the ceramics industry there and from before 1891 in Germany) from Bonn in June 1905. His father was registered as a modeller but for his son Johannes and his stepson Konrad (later Konrad Mertens), no professions were entered. The family moved to Noordwijk in July 1906 and moved back to Gouda in June 1907. Johannes junior already came back to Gouda in April 1907 and was registered as plateelschilder, so he might have started decorating at De Kroon or before at PZH.

His ceramics career appears to have been short-lived: when he moved back in with his family in June 1907 he was registered as an electrician until he moved to Rotterdam in Feb 1914. No work is known to the author that can be attributed to him at PZH.

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