Peeters, Louis
Worked at PZH from Aug 1901 until Feb 1905

Louis Peeters was born in Amsterdam on 10 January 1876 as the son of a wallpaper hanger and his wife. He was registered as 'painter' when he moved in March 1897 to Purmerend. He returned to Amsterdam in September 1899 and left immediately for Germany. On his return to Amsterdam in January 1900 he was registered as a house painter. He returned to Purmerend from August 1900 until he moved from there to Gouda in August 1901. There he lived until February 1905, registered as 'plateelschilder'. He then moved to Amsterdam where he married in the same month and was registered as a druggist.

He can tentatively be linked to a monogram on P decor from this period that reads as LR but the R could be meant as a P and is not very constant in shape. There are no other known artists with similar initials working at PZH at the time, no known objects with an LP monogram and the working period coincides perfectly with the peak in P decor production when several Rozenburg artists were working there who as well almost exclusively painted P decor.

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