Noordaa, Louis Simon Willem van der
Worked at PZH from earliest 1910 until latest 1919

Louis Simon Willem van der Noordaa was born in 1894 in The Hague. His father was a civil servant and the family moved a number of times between different parts of the Netherlands. In 1910 Louis moved to Amsterdam where he visited the Art Academy. In 1919 he moved for 4 months to Paris and was registered as a sculptor when he returned. Sometime later he moved to Italy, where in 1921 he won the very prestigious Prix de Rome for one of his sculptures. He was registered again in Amsterdam in 1923, with his Swedish wife (they married in 1922 in Munich) and her two children. From 1929 they lived in The Hague, from where in 1938 he (or they) moved to Bali (Indonesia). He died in Batavia (now Jakarta) in November 1945, 51 years old. He did survive the Japanese internment camps until the liberation, but died not long afterwards.

The works we know he painted for PZH all fit in the period of c.1910 and c. 1918

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