Nales, Willem
Worked at PZH from Oct 1900 until Feb 1901 and Jan 1907 to May 1912

Born in Groningen in 1880. He arrived in Gouda from Germany in September 1900 and is registered as a ‘plateelschilder’. He moved in February 1901 to Delft. He then moved from Delft to Purmerend (Haga) from October 1905 until February 1906 when he moved to Hilversum, likely to work for PB Delft. In January 1907 he is again registered as ‘plateelschilder’ in Gouda (coming from The Hague) until he moved to Leiden in Mei 1912.

No pieces have come to light that can be attributed to his earlier (short) stay in Gouda. From his later period, we find the N monogram also on Paysage pieces signed in the handwriting of Joannes van Schaick.

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