Muller, Willem Antonius
Worked at PZH from Oct 1900 until 1954,

Willem Antonius Muller was born in 1882 in Alkmaar. It is unclear where he received his training but he started as a ceramics decorator at PZH in October 1900. He moved to The Hague together with J H van der Burg in Dec 1901 but returns back to Gouda in April 1902. He then moved to Amsterdam in Feb 1903 and returned to Gouda in June 1903 from Germany. He appears not to have decorated a lot of objects, but when he does it is of great quality. He became factory manager in 1924 and retired from PZH in 1954. He passed away in 1961.

He appears to have moved into supervisory roles fairly quickly, which might explain his limited output.

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