Mica, Willem
Worked at PZH from 1903-06 and possibly 1908 to at least 1920

Born in 1875 in The Hague, as a young man he wanted to follow his father as a carriage painter. He did not work at Rozenburg but is listed from 1897 until his move to Gouda in 1903 as a house-painter. Registered as ‘plateelschilder’ at arrival in Gouda in Sept. 1903 but as ‘plateelwerker’ when he registered the birth of a daughter in March 1905. Moved back to The Hague in June 1905, and from there to Noordwijk in 1906 where he decorated and did glaze tests for ‘De Kroon’. He moved back to The Hague in 1908, from where he must have commuted to Gouda when he was recorded at PZH as ‘Head of the Glazers’ in 1920.

No work in the database from his early period at PZH can be attributed to him.

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