Mertens, Konrad
Worked possibly at PZH in 1905/06 and 1909/10, not confirmed

Born in Bonn (Germany) in April 1889. He moved with his mother and stepfather Johannes Pieëte (a ceramics modeller) from Bonn to Gouda in June 1905. While no profession was noted for Konrad it is likely he had already worked in the ceramics industry in Bonn. The family moved to Noordwijk in July 1906 to join Egbert Estië at his new company, where we know Konrad worked as a decorator. A year later the family is back in Gouda where he is registered as a ‘factory worker. In 1910 he moved to Nijmegen to work for ‘Potterij Rembrandt’ until 1913 when he moved back to Gouda. He will continue to play a role in the Dutch ceramics industry until he died in 1953.

While he might have worked as a decorator at PZH in 1905-1906 and between 1909 and 1910 no work can as yet be attributed to him with any certainty.

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