Kok, Adrianus
Worked at PZH from mid 1899 until latest Aug 1904

Adrianus Kok was born on 15 November 1886 as the son of a boatsman and his wife. His mother passed away in February 1891 and in April 1893 he and his 4 years older brother entered the Gouda Orphanage, 2 years after the Houdijck brothers. It is likely he started at PZH in 1899 after he finished primary school, the normal starting point for working life in those years). He enrolled in the Evening school for Craftsmen in 1899, at the same time as some of his local contemporaries who started at PZH. When he leaves Gouda for Purmerend in August 1904 his profession is stated as 'plateelschilder'. In January 1905 he leaves Purmerend for Rotterdam, where we lose his trail. In September 1905 he appears in Leiden as coming from The Hague and registered as a house painter. In November he moves to Gouda, where he is also registered as a house painter until he leaves for Capelle in January 1907. In August that year, he arrives back in Gouda, registered as a painter, and passes away there on 18 February 1908. So it is most likely he worked as a decorator in PZH from c. 1899 till August 1904, and then till January 1905 in Purmerend. After that, it seems he no longer painted on ceramics.

We attribute a number of pieces with an AK monogram to him and based on the handwriting a number of objects that appear from his hand but are signed with the monograms of master painters from the years 1900-1904. As the number attributed is comparative very large it is possible they represent two or more painters with similar handwriting. This needs more study.

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