Jansen, Willem George Frederik
Worked for PZH from April 1898 until April 1899

Born in 1871 in Harlingen, he originally trained as a marine engineer. But he found his calling, went to art school and worked as a decorative painter before he joined Rozenburg in The Hague in May 1896, already in his early twenties. He must have been quite talented as he quickly was paid as a Master Painter. In April 1898 he moved to Gouda and joined PZH. He left in April 1899 to move to Haarlem, from where he worked for the Distel in Amsterdam.

He was likely the designer behind the first versions of the decor that later became known as the "Gouda " decor. This decor became the best-selling decor for PZH over the next 10 years, sold for at least 25 years and was copied by most competitors.

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