Herweijer, Marie Anne Antoinette
Worked at PZH from May 1899 until latest Nov. 1905

Born in 1866 in Loenen, a village north of Utrecht where her father was the director of the post office. Until she was 32 she moved with her parents every time her father got promoted to a bigger post office. He retired in Ulestraaten near Maastricht in Limburg at the end of 1896. Antoinette arrived in Gouda in May 1899 and was registered as plateelschilderes. She continued to work for PZH until she moved to The Hague in 1905 with Anna Bouwmeester. In 1906/1907 they worked for ‘The Kroon’ in Noordwijk. End 1908 they moved to Bussum, possibly to work for PB Delft.

It does remain a mystery what made Antoinette decide to start at PZH, and if she had any previous experience in ceramics decorating. The family lived between 1893 and 1896 in The Hague, but she does not appear on the Rozenburg staff list. Between 1897 to May 1899 she could have worked in the Maastricht ceramics industry.

Only two early objects have the full MAAH monogram. Objects after 1899 are all marked by a pupil that marked for a number of other artists too. It is as well possible that Antoinette was that pupil.

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