Hartgring, Wilhelmus Petrus
Worked at PZH from 1907 or 1908 until 1917

Wilhelmus Petrus Hartgring (Willem) was born in 1874 in The Hague as son of a stone mason. He started as a learner at Rozenburg in 1889 at age 15 and progressed through journeyman and painter to master painter by 1896. He continued to design and decorate as one of the major artists at Rozenburg till March 1907. He moved to Utrecht in December 1907 and was hired by Willy Hoyng already in 1907 or in early 1908 to work on the PZH decors. He first renovated the P décor and the resulting N(we) P décor range was launched at a reduced price point in 1909. At the same time, the more premium bird décor 304 was launched, also designed by WPH. In 1910 he used the newly developed matte glaze for the Mat Bloemen (Matte Flowers) and Mat Vogels (Matte Birds) décor ranges. He left PZH in 1916 and he might have worked a short time at Amphora in Oegstgeest and at Pottery Rembrandt in Nijmegen. In 1917 he became a designer at the Arnhem Faience Factory and worked there till 1934. He died on 29 August 1940 in Arnhem, age 66 Source: Tasman (PZH 1908-1916), own research

The first five objects, likely from the 1907-1908 period, give an insight into the development of decors NP and 304. Object 8692 is unique and can be a proposal for a style of decor that did not go into production. 2307 looks like a new type of P decor, 7001 is an early NP decor that went into production. 3096 is a bird decor pretty much in the style of Rozenburg, 7057 is an early 304 in the style that went into production.

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