Fonville, Franciscus Antonius Joh.
Worked at PZH from Dec 1897 until c. 1907

Franciscus Antonius Johannes Fonville was born in Utrecht on 19 April 1878 as son of a trader. He must have worked as a ceramics decorator with one of the Utrecht factories before he was hired by E Estié and moved to Gouda in December 1897. He lived at several boarding houses with other PZH decorators until he moved back to live with his parents in Utrecht in January 1899. He remained registered as a ceramics painter until at least December 1909 when he moved out of the family home. But when he married in November 1910 he is registered as concierge. He died in Utrecht in March 1931, 52 years of age and registered as a publican.

Considering what we found for Florack (see there) it is most likely that the larger oeuvre over a longer period signed with a single F (and not with the FH monogram) is by the hand of Fonville, who could easily have commuted to Gouda from Utrecht. In the period 1900-1904, a number of pupils did sign work with his single F monogram/ Based on his own work it is likely he worked for PZH until c. 1907 latest.

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