Florack, Johann Antonius Hubertus
Worked at PZH from Nov. 1897 until possibly May 1900

Johann Antonius Hubertus Florack was born on 31 March 1873 in Amsterdam as the son of a German artist who had moved from Korrenzig in the Ruhr area to Amsterdam in 1867. In Amsterdam Johann is not listed with a profession but he did fulfil his national service in 1893/1894. On 26 March 1897, he was registered in Purmerend as a ceramics painter, coming from Amsterdam, and he worked there for Brantjes. He moved already on 15 November 1897 to Gouda as one of the first employees of PZH. He lived at three addresses in Gouda before he moved back to Amsterdam in May 1900. From there he left for Wiesbaden in Germany in May 1903. In 1905 he lived in St Gallen, Switzerland (working as a “tekenaar”, literally draftsman but could also be an artist using a pencil or crayons) but came back to NL for a short time to marry. There are no entries for either him or his wife after 1905 in the Dutch online archives. According to a genealogy published online, he and his wife died in February 1945 in Dresden during the Allied bombardments.

Based on work done at Brantjes and for De Distel it is likely a small number of objects with a monogram combining the F with a J or an H (for Hans?) can be attributed to Florack, all from the earliest years of PZH. It remains unclear when he exactly stopped working for PZH, but based on his output it is likely in the mid-1900. In the literature, the work with a monogram of a simple F is attributed to Florack (PZH 1897 - c. 1921?) while the combined FJ monogram is attributed to A J Fonville (PZH 1897 - 1899). Based on new biographical information on the two decorators this is most likely incorrect. See also Fonville.

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