Burg, Jan Hendrik van der
Worked at PZH from Oct. 1900 until latest Oct. 1902

Jan Hendrik van der Burg was born in 1882 in Delft. He moved in October 1900 to Gouda and was registered as plateelschilder. Apart from 2 months (Dec. 1901/Jan. 1902) when he and Willem Muller moved to The Hague he lived in Gouda until October 1902 when he moved to Maastricht.

His working period almost completely overlaps with that of Henri Breetvelt, who was hired by PZH to design and paint their Delftware range in the mid 1900. Their monograms are a similar combination of an H and a B, but the handwriting and Lazarus Gate logo are very different. Furthermore, the monogram of Jan Hendrik shows the J as part of the monogram. All Delft painters appear to have worked closely with or under H Breetvelt and probably worked on pieces marked by Breetvelt himself. This would explain the fact that we only know these few pieces marked by Jan Hendrik and over thirty marked by Breetvelt. Still, it is a bit of a mystery why Jan Hendrik marked these few very high-quality pieces, that could be easily attributed to Henri Breetvelt himself.

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