Bordewijk, Dirk Gijsbert
Worked at PZH from Feb. 1901 until Sept. 1904

Dirk Gijsbert Bordewijk was born in 1883 in The Hague as the son of a barber (later pub landlord). He started as a pupil at the Rozenburg plateelbakkerij in June 1898, age 14, around the same time as Johannes de Vries. Their further careers indicate they might have become good friends. They left Rozenburg on the same day, 1 Feb 1901, together with Cornelis van Muijen. All three seem to have started at PZH, but as they continued to live with their respective parents in The Hague they must have commuted and we have no certainty about a start date. Enough signed high-quality pieces have survived from all three painters that we can place them with certainty at PZH in the 1901-1904 period. Dirk Bordewijk moved in September 1904 to Utrecht, where Johannes de Vries already lived since the end of January of that year. Likely they worked for Holland-Utrecht, on walking distance from their lodgings. In 1906 Dirk Bordewijk followed Johannes de Vries again, this time to Purmerend. Signed HAGA pieces are known from both from this period. Dirk lived in Purmerend till March 1908 when he moved back to The Hague and is registered as a tobacconist. He travelled at least one more time back to Purmerend as he married a local girl there in August 1909 (6 months after his friend Johannes de Vries married his sweetheart from Purmerend in Leiden). He died in 1944 in The Hague, 61 years old, and had been working as a middle ranking civil servant for the Dutch Senate. He received a royal decoration in 1939, possibly as a 25-year service award, which would mean he started his civil service career in 1914.

It is hard to be sure which objects are signed by Dirk Bordewijk himself. Considering the quality of the decoration object nr. 2021 and 1077 are the most likely candidates as the handwriting on both objects has good similarities and few similarities with oeuvres of other artists.

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