Boeziek, Bernardus
Worked at PZH from August until November 1904

Bernardus Johannes Boeziek was born in 1877 in Amsterdam. He moved to Purmerend in March 1897 probably after his military service and was registered as an “artist”. He moved in August 1904 to Gouda where he was again registered as an “artist” but returned already in November 1904 to Purmerend. From there he moved in 1906 to Nieuwer Amstel near Amsterdam. He might have worked one more period for Brantjes as he moved in May 1907 from Purmerend to Watergraafsmeer near Amsterdam where he lived with his family until they moved to Amsterdam in 1912.

No work that can clearly be attributed to him has come to light yet, but with a working period at PZH for just a few months in 1904 that is not that strange.

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