Boer, Johannes Jacobus Phil. den
Worked possibly at PZH from earliest 1906 until latest 1923

Johannes Jacobus Phillippus den Boer was born in Rotterdam in 1894, but the family moved to Gouda in 1897. He was registered as 'plateelschilder' when he moved to Utrecht for a few months in 1912, so it is likely he was already trained in that profession. He remained registered as 'plateelschilder' in Gouda until 1923.

The literature does not mention him under PZH and no early work is found, The below later work can also be by J Bennis (TGPB 1918 - 1929). Johannes could have worked for other Gouda pottery factories and his name is not mentioned in interviews held with retired PZH decorators in 1981.

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