Bouwmeester, Anna Wilhelmina

Born : Rotterdam, 1 Nov 1865

Worked at PZH from Dec. 1897 until latest Nov. 1905, no work known

Anna Wilhelmina Bouwmeester was born in Rotterdam in 1865 where her father ran a lodging house. She moved in January 1896 to Purmerend where she worked for Brantjes. In December 1897 she moved to lodgings in Gouda and was registered as plateelschilderes there. In July 1898 her older sister joined her in Gouda to run lodgings for Anna and four of her male PZH colleagues. They moved to a new location in June 1899 where Maria Anna Antonetta Herweijer joined them from Ulestraten, Limburg and is also registered as plateelschilderes. In June 1903 Anna and Maria moved to their own accommodation and continued to work for PZH until they moved in November 1905 to The Hague and in 1906 followed Egbert Estië to Noordwijk where they worked for "De Kroon". In November 1907 they moved to Watergraafsmeer near Amsterdam where Egbert and his family then lived. Next, they moved to Bussum at the end of 1908 where they could have worked for PB Delft. In 1913 Anna married 48 year old Hendrik Hakkert in Bussum. who had spent the previous 17 years in the Dutch East Indies. Later that year the three of them sailed for Batavia (now Jakarta) and settled in Atjeh, north Sumatra. They returned to Holland in 1919 and settled in Waardenburg. Anna died in Ermelo in Dec 1927, at 62 years old.

Considering her working period at PZH ( 8 years) it is strange we know no work that can be attributed to her. Can she have worked in a supervisory or administrative role?

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