As with many other collections this collection started with a few Zuid-Holland pieces inherited from my parents. I had always loved their two NP decor wall plates, but knew very little about them. Apart from the fact that the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam had a wall plate similar to one of them, in a larger size, as part of their permanent collection in the seventies. 

A visit to Nico van Eijk in Reeuwijk a few years ago to sell some PZH pieces I did not like very much resulted in trading a Leen Muller pitcher for a P decor pen tray and the purchase of a lovely little P decor discus shaped vase. And that was the start of a mild obsession with P decor. 

But my love for art and antiques goes back a lot longer, thanks to the luck I had of growing up in the antique trade. From my early childhood my father took me to exhibitions and museums and an antique store made a great (but risky) playground. As a teenager my summer job was helping packing up for the Delft (and later Maastricht) antiques fairs and setting up the stand. Plus sorting through of many decades of left overs and forgotten treasures in the warehouse. So with hindsight my first encounter with Zuid-Holland was almost 50 years ago when I found a little ZH Gouda decor tray that really appealed to me. I rescued it and with an equally intriguing find of a Meissen plate (which I also did find in the collection of the Rijksmuseum as the famous 1903/04 Henry van de Velde whiplash design) it was the start of a small collection of varied antiques and prints. When the antique business moved to Amsterdam in my late teens my hunting grounds extended to the numerous auction houses  in the capital. Then work took me away from Holland, but the interest remained.

So after a hiatus of 40 odd years the collecting bug has struck again!

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